Catalytic Gas Cleaning

ICPEES will be in charge of the development of catalytic foams efficient for tar removal from syngas produced by gasification of biomass. It will propose and synthesize catalytic materials which will be first studied at a micro-pilot scale, in powder, to evaluate their ability to convert various molecules representative of the main tar fractions which will be formed during the gasification step. The optimal formulation will be coated on SiC-based foams produced by SICAT. The high thermal conductivity of such supports is expected to improve heat transfer phenomena linked to endothermal reactions of tar reforming into carbon oxides and hydrogen.  The catalyst/SiC systems will be tested at lab scale under various conditions representative of different syngas compositions, depending on how is operated the gasification step (T, P, biomass/air ratio, wood/sludge ratio). After evaluation of the catalytic performances in terms of activity and stability, an optimal catalyst/SiC system will be selected. It will be developed at larger scale and will be implemented on pilot gasifier to assess the potentiality of such system for the syngas post-treatment.