Biotechnological Production of Valuable Products

The biotechnological production of valuable substances is often without alternative regarding the complicated chemical structure of organic products. This is particularly true for the large-scale production of enzymes or for the yeast production.

In the laboratory and pilot plant scale, well-defined mineral salt media are used to cultivate microorganisms in order to achieve reproducible results. On a production scale, this is too expensive. Mostly so-called complex media are used here. These types of media are composed of various natural products such as malt extract, yeast extract, peptone, molasses or wood juice.

These media components usually have a sufficient amount of essential nutrients that are necessary for the growth of microorganisms. However, the increasing utilization of the complex media components in industrial scale is also associated with an increase in costs of these media components.

For this reason, the use of wood juice as a cultural media component could represent a meaningful utilization and improve the biotechnological production process technologically and economically.